While most inks are still petroleum-based, Harbor now has access and uses ink manufacturers that substitute renewable and biodegradable resources (soy, linseed, and corn oils) for most or all of the petroleum-based inks.

Vegetable oil-based inks meet the same specifications as petroleum-based inks, and release less amounts of VOC's into the air when drying.

Agri-based inks are produced without toxins and are biodegradable while effectively meeting environmental, health, and safety standards.

Harbor Packaging Goes Green

Eco Friendly Inks

1.- We use a renewable resource (wood fiber grown and harvested using sustainable practices), recovered fiber (obtained from recycling our own product), or a combination of the two, to manufacture linerboard and medium, which in turn are used to manufacture our numerous products.

2.- We practice source reduction in our design and manufacturing by continually improving our uniquely engineered packaging solutions and processes.

3.- We manufacture reusable corrugated containers for many closed-loop business applications as well as storage of documents and consumer household items.

4.- It is the most recycled form of packaging because corrugated containers have high value once they have fulfilled their supply-chain function.

Corrugated is an excellent sustainable packaging option because:

Our post consumer recycled content ranges from 60 - 100%, with most of our business above 86%. There are at least two forms: post consumer content and post industrial content. .

With post industrial recycling,  we recover scrap material from our manufacturing process and then re-use the material. Post consumer is just what it says, it goes through one complete process, meaning the paper is recovered after reaching the consumer level.

As a good corporate citizen, we have established actions to conserve the environment . Corrugated is a natural environmentally friendly medium that is recycled more than any other packaging material. Harbor Packaging is deeply committed to a cradle to cradle involvement in responsible use and reuse of corrugated products and design as well as procuring sustainable raw materials.

Recycled Corrugated Materials

Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of our future generations to meet their own needs. See why Harbor is a leader in Sustainable Packaging