The company owned facility features workspaces with state-of-the-art designed floor plans for streamlined manufacturing and administration processes and state of the art equipment. Harbor Packaging’s reputation ranks at the top as a custom packaging and full-service team.

Quality plays an important role in all aspects of its operations, and concerns for continuous improvement has in the past, and will continue to be in the future, a top priority for management and a key catalyst for the company’s continued growth and success.

What Separates us from our competitor?

Select from a wide array of in stock products to fit JIT needs or work with us to find your perfect package. Select from any of sections below to get more information.

From custom die-cut polyurethane to rigid foam and even environmentally friendly and recyclable foam products, we offer a complete line of foam solutions to protect your products when getting them to market.

Packaging solutions that suspend your products without Void-fill. Suspension Packaging is the culmination of brilliant design that melds the corrugated box with the incredible protection of a pouch all cleverly designed into one solution.

Tenxion Pack is the ultimate in source reduction while effectively protecting your fragile products.

Molded Pulp or Molded Fiber, is the packaging material typically made from recycled paperboard and newspaper. We use “Cure-in-the-Mold” technology to produce strong, well-defined molded surfaces specifically for your product.

Standard carton and packaging solutions ranging from corrugated boxes to bubble wrap for storage. We also carry shipping supplies for regular and daily use. Harbor has all your packaging supplies available through our Stock Packaging Store.




Molded Pulp

Stock Packaging Material

Chipboard / Folding Carton

This style of box is perfect for boxes that are intricate yet need to be able to fold into a size suitable for storage. These are great for the retail level and can be print with detailed 4-color printing and high gloss UV coatings.