From custom die-cut polyurethane to rigid expanded poystyrene foam and even environmentally friendly, recyclable foam products, we offer a complete line of foam solutions to protect your products when getting them to market.


Flexible polyurethane foams are produced in a wide range of densities and firmness. Foam density is expressed as the weight per cubic foot of material.

Polyurethane foam is another material commonly used in protective packaging applications. Polyurethane foams are characterized by an open cell construction and have a softer feel, especially in the lower density and firmness ranges. They are most often the material of choice for smaller, lighter, and more shock-sensitive products.

Firmness is expressed numerically as IFD (indentation force deflection), and is completely independent of density.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyethylene foams are offered in a broad range of densities ranging from 1.2 pcf (pounds per cubic foot) to 9 pcf, making it an ideal candidate for use in protective packaging over a wide range of product weight, product size and fragility.

Polyethylene (PE) foams are widely used in protective packaging applications because they possess a number of superior attributes:

• Extruded or laminated PE foams are extremely tough and resilient.

• End caps and protective pads fashioned from PE can be repeatedly deflected, and will return to their original shape with little or no reduction in protective performance.

• PE foam is closed cell, and performs well on both chemical resistance and low moisture absorption.

Polyethylene Foam

We offer Polyester Foam of high quality, high mechanical strength and regular & fine cell structure.

Polyester foams are similar to polyurethane foams in appearance, range of densities and firmnesses (IFDs). Polyesters, however, are more resistant to hydrocarbons or alcohols, and are often specified in applications that call for a higher degree of chemical resistance.

These foams are not affected by petroleum products or any other organic solvent. Due to their unmatched quality these are excessively used for protective packaging and packaging interlining.

Polyester Foam